Using Pilates Principles

May 17, 2017

With Diane Cowan

Today I wanted to share two of my favorite exercises on the Cadillac: Breathing & Pilates Pull-Up. Both exercises require a strong mind-body connection to get that full engagement and both exercises zero in on the core, glutes, and hamstrings.

The first exercise, Breathing, is one of the 6 Pilates Principles. With this exercise you see how the client breathes in while reaching the bar to her hips and lifting the hips dynamically to form a long line from heels to hips to shoulders. She then controls the roll down with her exhale and places one vertebra at a time onto the mat.   While this is a breathing exercise she is also strengthening her glutes, hamstrings and working articulation of the spine.

In the second exercise, Pilates Pull-Up, the Client is again engaging the glutes and hamstrings, and abdominals but also maintaining the scapula to rib connection. The exercise challenges the client further when she does a bicep press and then with control she straightens the elbows, and then lowers the hips.

Breathing and Pilates Pull-Up are excellent challenges and only a few reps are needed to get the work done.