A Pilates Journey

March 8, 2019

by Elizabeth A.

On a Sunday morning in December 2003, I stopped at (the now defunct) Fairfax Borders Books for my customary coffee, vanilla scone and book browse. I wandered through the store choosing at least ten books before I headed to the cafe. As I passed the exercise shelving, one book with an unfamiliar word “P-I-L-A-T-E-S” on its cover caught my attention. Had it not been facing me full-on instead of being just one title in a row of book spines, I would never have stopped, intrigued. I added it to the top of my book pile and went directly to the cafe. Instead of putting my books down on a waiting window table, I carried them with me to the counter where I gave my order. I placed the books on the counter to get out some money to pay. By chance again, the Pilates book lay on top of the pile. Also by chance, the barista not only noticed the book but also knew a lot about Pilates!  She herself was a current Pilates student and also knew where I could find a local studio. I felt encouraged to give them a call to arrange to take a preliminary class that same month. In January 2004 I began taking Beginning Mat one night a week and on Saturdays.
Navigating the evening traffic on dark winter nights up and down Lee Highway from Fair Oaks to the studio I attended in Merrifield took real devotion to Pilates on my part. This Wednesday journey topped a long day commuting to and from the Library of Congress on Capitol Hill by bus and subway back home to Fair Oaks. My first Pilates teacher moved like a dancer and always awed me. She reminded me of honey pouring from a jar! One holiday evening in December 2004 when co-incidentally, I just happened to be the only student to show up with holiday shopping on in full force, I was given the opportunity to use all the equipment which I had never before seen. I was delighted at this discovery. In March 2005 I found out that a new Pilates studio, Studio BE Pilates would be opening in Fairfax Corner which just happened to be only THREE LONG BLOCKS from my new condo. Coincidence AGAIN?!! I think not, considering the size of Fairfax alone.
I have remained a Pilates student at Studio BE Pilates from March 2005 to the present. How many other Pilates students can claim this distinction?! During my fifteen year Pilates journey I have met and taken classes with a number of great instructors and many memorable fellow students! The studio moved three times within Fairfax Corner and I happily moved with them. Friday evenings work-outs followed by wine-down were special. Another special memory I have were of Tuesday and Thursday tower classes with Carla that were preceded by coffee with my dear friend and Pilates partner, Robyn.  I enjoyed two summer Pilates boot camps. I was a participant in Pilates On the Plaza. I even own one of almost every piece of swag ever sold by Studio BE! I have enjoyed all of the special workshops presented for clients. If the studio offered it, I tried it! On February 14th, 2019 I turned 73 years old but I can still pull off a mean roll-over and love it! Thank you, Studio BE Pilates!