By Carla Vercoe


Summertime is finally here. This summer is very different than most, but it is still important to schedule a vacation if possible. While most of us are avoiding air travel, there are plenty of other options to take a break.

Five favorite summer local “vacations”:


Beach: I just returned from a weeklong vacation at Rehoboth/Dewey Beach, DE. On the way there I shared with my family the realization that I have been going to the Delaware beaches for 45 years. We went every year with my family when I was a child, and I continued the tradition once I was on my own. If, like me, your idea of a vacation is sun, rest and relaxation, then the beach is your happy place; just give me sunshine, sand, water, a beach chair, umbrella and of course, a good book. Making the decision to keep our scheduled beach week wasn’t too difficult, and I’m glad we decided to go to the beach as we’d initially planned. We were a bit concerned with the pandemic situation, but the beaches weren’t crowded and everyone wore masks and practiced social distancing….except for the Dewey party crowd, but they pretty much kept to themselves.  We were able to swim, relax, and eat at our favorite restaurants (either outdoors or carryout). We have no regrets! Best thing: suntan.

Glamping: You will never see this girl camping but you will see me “glamping”. What is “glamping” you may ask? Why, it’s glamorous camping, of course. There are many local glamping facilities, or you may decide to take a bit of a road trip and conquer new territory. A couple of years ago my friend Kim and I took a road trip to Ithaca, NY (the home of Cornell University) and stayed at . Each site had a floor built up that the tent was placed on, as well as a porch and actual big comfy beds with fancy linens. There was a main meeting area that sported a bar, a gathering area for happy hour and playing games. The hiking was beautiful as we were in the heart of the Finger Lakes — we saw waterfalls, lakes, gorges, and parks. We also enjoyed our visit downtown Ithaca, a quaint college town that boasts some great food. Best thing: best friend time.

Luxury Log Cabin Getaways: One of the things on my bucket list for this summer is to stay at a Luxury Log Cabin in West Virginia. Anything with the word “luxury” in it grabs me . There are many choices locally but the one I’ve had my eye on is Harmans Log Cabins . The cabins all offer spacious living areas, fireplaces, hot tubs and best of all, amazing views! This would be good for a family vacation or a girls (or boys) trip. Just the thought of being in the beauty of nature and in a secluded paradise makes me giddy. I hope this is something I’m able to do this summer or early fall. Best thing: don’t yet know…

The Eastern Shore:  Just an hour and a half or so from Washington D.C. lies the Maryland Eastern Shore. We have always loved staying in Easton and visiting St. Michaels and Oxford. They are such quaint little towns rich with history and great food. You can bike ride, go sailing or fishing. There are many Bed & Breakfast facilities that have a wonderful southern feel, and big porches where you can just sit (and sometime watch the thunderstorms roll by). Best thing: Fish tacos.

Lakes: The Virginia / Maryland area has many lakes to visit, some of which are near and others far. Most of the Lakes you need to rent homes as there aren’t many hotels (which is what makes them so special). When I was a child we went to a camp on a lake in upstate New York every summer. I remember playing water games with my cousins; I remember the sound of my mother’s laugh when she was trying to get up onto the floating dock with my aunts. It’s making family memories that make vacations special, not necessarily where you are. If water sports are your thing, then find a lake to visit! You can water ski, fish, parasail, or just take a nice swim in a quiet and calm lake.


While this information may not be new to you, sometimes we just need a reminder that we don’t need to look much further than our own back door for a bit of summer fun. At a time when Europe and exotic venues aren’t an option, know that we can still vacation locally. A change of scenery works wonders for the heart — the sun on your skin, the sound of the water, a cool summer night breeze, your toes in the sand, the freedom of an outdoor shower. It’s the little things….

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