SanFranBay2By Kristen Shaffer, Pilates Instructor
New experiences. New Places. Reconnecting with family — and yourself. And, of course, great food!
But exercising while on vacation? How do you keep your routine when every day is different?
Here are some ideas, along with a recent journal entry, on how I’m doing it.

In San Francisco, the fog rolls in each morning, making for a crisp and cool atmosphere. Wherever you are this summer, start your day with a long morning walk.

Adjusting to the time difference going east to west makes for an early rise. This morning, we stopped at the local coffee shop for a cappuccino and braved the steep, uphill walk to Lafayette Park.

Coffee complete, we enjoyed a 2-hour walk and stopped at a lovely French restaurant called the Baker Street Bistro and a lovely breakfast of Ouefs Copenhague with a salad on the side.

The food was a feast for body and soul—eggs poached to perfection atop a thickly buttered muffin. And yes, I had the butter and the hollandaise sauce. I’m on vacation, right?

After breakfast, we walked through Cow Hollow to Chestnut Street, browsing the shops and, of course, the local Pilates studio—the Pad on Chestnut. The studio, which offers both Pilates and yoga, is bright and airy, complete with good lighting and a good vibe.

Our walk continued on back to the hotel…up to Union Street and in front of our old favorite restaurant whose menu includes Pizza Orgasmica with pies called Erotica and Serpent’s kiss, not to forget Divorce, which is full of anchovies and garlic, and Ménage a Trois with three cheeses.

I think we clocked 6 miles and that was before the Giants game at 1 o’clock!

While it’s nice to know where to find a studio when traveling, you don’t need a studio to do Pilates. Here’s a daily workout I do while on vacation to keep my back supple and my core strong.

  • Coccyx curls
  • Bridging
  • Hundred
  • Roll over
  • Leg circles
  • Rolling like a ball
  • Single leg stretch
  • Double leg
  • Single straight leg
  • Double straight leg
  • Criss-cross
  • Spine stretch forward
  • Saw
  • Swan
  • Single leg kicks
  • Double leg kicks
  • Side lying legs
  • Teasers before switching sides
  • Other side lying legs
  • Planks with 60 second hold
  • Kneeling sidekicks
  • Kneeling mermaid
  • Plank hold
  • Other side kneeling sidekicks
  • Kneeling mermaid

While you’re on vacation, stay strong, live well, BE FIT, enjoy life!
Next stop…St. Simons island, Georgia.
See you in class this fall!