By Cathleen Rodgers

Between work, family or kids, friends, travel, and life in general, sometimes just getting into the studio regularly is a challenge. And even once you set foot in the studio and lay on the Reformer, your mind may begin to wander to the tasks waiting for you once your session comes to an end. Ironically, the Pilates method centers around developing your mind-body-spirit connection—for use inside the studio as well as out, in everyday life. 

So, how can you get the most out of your Pilates workout so you truly reap the benefits? You must learn to leave your distractions at the studio door when you walk in. Turn off your phone, or at least stow it away for the duration of your session. Try to turn off the constant chatter in your mind. Leave the workplace talk for later. Same goes for any other stressful discussion, whether it be politics, traffic, or the kids that are driving you crazy. 

The Pilates studio is meant to be a safe haven for your mind and body; embrace the calming energy of the studio and bring yourself fully into the space. You are there to work on your very own well-being in the company of others who are there to do the same. Allowing yourself to fully indulge in your Pilates session will lead to a much more balanced and clear-headed “you,” leaving you better be able to solve whatever problems are at hand. Take this hour to truly focus on yourself…it is not selfish, it is necessary. We all function better in daily life when we take care of our mind, body, and spirit. 

It may take a little time and patience to learn how to ignore outside distractions during your Pilates session. After all, habits take little time to form, but quite a long time to break. Take it one session at a time; when you find yourself wondering what you should make for dinner that night—when you should be thinking about your Teaser—just brush off the thought and come back into the focus of your session. With enough patience and diligence in truly delving into your Pilates for that hour, it will become second nature. Your time will be your own once more, and you will find not only that your Pilates practice improves, but your general outlook and experience in daily life.