We are well into the swing of summer by now. The long, hot days full of sunshine — and intermittent, spontaneous thunderstorms. For many it is a season of vacationing and outdoor activity; the schedules we once rigidly followed the rest of the year are cast aside to fully soak up the summertime while it lasts. It can be a rude awakening to readjust to those schedules once school is back in session and the season changes come September, but there a few ways to combat the shift. A big one for us at Studio BE is maintaining our Pilates sessions whenever possible.

Pilates is something you can partake in year-round…it is beneficial to your body and mind in all seasons of the year, sometimes for differing reasons. In this instance, I am not referring to a “summer body” as that dreamy “beach body” image. Rather, I quite literally mean your own body, as it is, during the summertime. We expose ourselves to a lot of different elements in the summer that we don’t encounter much during the year. The heat and the sun, of course; various travel conditions; new environments; and whatever summer sports or activities you may participate in. All of these affect our bodies and can create some funkiness, so it is important to try and work out the kinks even in the midst of summer fun.

Most people find they need to modify their Pilates schedule over the summer, but what’s important is that you still make time to come in. Try to maintain even a lighter schedule so you can come in to stretch, realign your body after traveling, and even get some cross-training in for those water sports. Not only will you leave feeling refreshed, but your body will thank you later. You will be less prone to injury, your immune and respiratory systems will stay strong, and your mind will remain sharp. Returning to your Fall schedule may even be easier if you’ve had at least some sort of consistency throughout the summer.

While Equipment Pilates must happen in a studio, Pilates Mat can be taken anywhere you go — the hotel deck, poolside, the beach, your own home. All you need is your mind, body, and a good mat. Joseph Pilates himself believed that everyone should practice the Pilates method even just a few minutes a day at minimum. If you are already comfortable enough with the material, even more reason to give it a go on your own! Always feel free to ask your Instructors for guidance, too. They can either a develop a personalized mini workout for you, or review the Mat material so that you are equipped to practice outside the studio. We love helping our clients achieve their goals outside the studio as much as we love seeing them reach goals in their sessions!

So enjoy your summer to its fullest, and try to sneak in the Pilates (even just a little) when you can. You will still reap the benefits, and will embark into the Fall season feeling more rejuvenated than ever!