by Cathleen Rodgers
As Thanksgiving approaches rapidly this week, we are officially ushered into the Holiday season. This delightful time of year is busy, stressful, and exciting. With all the gift shopping, baking, cooking, cleaning, traveling, holiday celebrations, out-of-town guests—on top of daily life—it is easy to let our physical activity slip between the cracks. Ironically, physical activity is exactly what everyone needs to stay healthy and happy during this time of year. Pilates is particularly helpful in maintaining one’s physical and mental well-being as such a crazy time of year unfolds.
Pilates connects the mind, body, and spirit. It reduces stress levels and increases focus, two things we all struggle to control during the holidays with so much going on. Moreover, it keeps you in shape, so you can splurge on that extra cookie or glass of wine! The Pilates principles (concentration, control, centering, breathing, precision, and flowing movement) work together to balance your mind and body, so you can stay in peak condition through the end of the year. The aches, pains, and tension that come with stress and cold weather can be reduced with some Pilates practice sprinkled in wherever possible. The focus and breathing required in Pilates will help you to decompress and get some blood flow, and get your body realigned and stretched out. You will leave feeling even more ready to tackle the festive season!
A client told me last week she wanted to add an extra class to her weekly schedule as a gift to herself. What a great idea! Whether you do your best to maintain your current workout schedule, or gift yourself something new, this is a great way to stay healthy over the next few weeks. We know how critical it is to carve out even just a little “me time” to take care of ourselves, so why let it go now? Use your time in Pilates to really reconnect with yourself, get in some movement, release a little stress, and BREATHE. This can be done under the guidance of an Instructor where you can escape from the chaos for an hour, or in the comfort of your own home if you can’t make it to the studio. Ask your Pilates Instructor for tips on home workouts, and they will gladly help you out! Joseph Pilates himself recommended even just 10-20 minutes of the Method each day to keep the body in good working condition.
Whatever you choose to do, stay healthy and warm, happy and healthy, and get that movement in! We wish you the most wonderful holiday season here at Studio BE Pilates. And we are ready to help you get those Pilates sessions in during this crazy, awesome time of year!

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