Written by: Kristen Shaffer
Do you like to try new things? I do! So why does Pilates feel NEW or a little bit DIFFERENT every time we practice? With the guidance of a skilled teacher you discover how each time you practice Pilates you are refining another aspect of a very complex sequence of movements that make YOU BETTER at everything else you do.
Each time you practice Pilates you get better not only at moving through the exercises, but also in how you move through life. The exercises designed by Joseph Pilates are so genius that each time we practice, we discover a little bit more about the exercises and ourselves.
We all want to age actively, to keep traveling, to try something new, start a dance class, try rowing, cycling or improve the golf game, maybe tennis? With Pilates, your personal effort will be optimized in every aspect. Would you like to improve your balance? Are you afraid of falling? Well, when you practice Pilates and do exercises like backstroke or teaser on the reformer, you practice falling and challenge your control and stability. As you move through the exercises, you are building strength and confidence each time you try.
Every single human being on the face of this planet is getting older every single day, and those of us that go forward with Pilates in our minds and bodies will move forward with more grace, more presence and less effort to do so. You will be YOUR BEST YOU. Pilates is your ticket to staying young and feeling your best.

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