by Shelly Modes
As women most of us are caregivers. We wear the mom, daughter, sister, friend, boss, co-worker, and employee hat seriously, devotionally and with gusto. As women, most of us don’t put ourselves first when it comes to care taking. We run from obligation to obligation and try and catch our breath in an hour of yoga, pilates or a run and call that self-care. Maybe we sit down on our own couches once in a while after grocery, making dinner, lunches, a load of laundry, homework, driving to and fro and tending to the others. A lot of us are giving, giving, giving until we collapse in bed at night.
Here are five reasons why YOU deserve a solo retreat.

  1. Escape: Some people think escape reality. Reality is where ever you are at any given moment. We all need a break from routine. Put yourself in time out. Intentionally disconnect so you can get away from your daily obligations and responsibilities and stop the pattern of depletion. By “escaping,” you create space for yourself.
  1. Exquisite Care: Treat yourself the way you treat others. Take off the caregivers hat and be well taken care of. Do everything YOU want to do, do NOTHING if you want to do that. Either way, you are well taken care of in a tranquil setting. Nothing feels better than exquisite care.
  1. Experience: Most times we travel with family and friends, in large or small groups. Individualized, personal experience is hard to come by. Revisit what YOU want in a vacation; make decisions based on your desires. Experience the feelings you wish to experience without catering to any else. You get to have YOUR OWN experience. Choose wonder, relaxation, indulgence, adventure, thrill, creativity, whatever your soul desires.
  1. Connection: It is when we intentionally disconnect from “the rest of the world” and find a place of stillness that we truly connect with our souls. It’s that place inside that reminds us how we like to play. The place of childlike joy and wonder. If you’re a seeker, your spirit will find its voice on a solo retreat.
  1. Let Go: True letting go is just BEing you. That is what it means. Being in the moment. Being with what is. Being with yourself without expectations, pressures, worries, stress, striving, impressing or improving.

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