By Cathleen Rodgers

Once Spring has officially established itself, many of us embark on the iconic “Spring cleaning” of our homes. We reorganize, get rid of unnecessary items, clean every surface, do every load of laundry…open windows to the fresh air and floral aromas outside. This deep-cleaning gives our homes a renewed and rejuvenated feeling that meshes perfectly with the vibes of the Spring season. And yet, how many of us actually focus on our own inner well-being? At a time of year when the beauty of Spring can sometimes clash with the business it brings along, we must make efforts to refresh ourselves as we do our homes. 

Cleaning your home is a great step to cleaning your soul. After all, decluttering the home can truly help declutter the mind. You may come across old keepsakes and cherished memories that make you smile; getting rid of extra junk or unused items frees up space and brings new light to rooms; giving your house a good dusting can help you breathe better. Once your home is clean and bright, delve into yourself a little more: what do YOU need this season?

Perhaps you have been feeling uninspired at work, or stagnant in your routine—this is completely normal, because humans need change from time to time. Plan yourself a getaway and take family, friends, or go alone. Go where you feel will most feed your soul at this time in your life. Time away and a change in pace will surely lift your spirits. Moreover, new experiences and places bring a new perspective to our life, helping us to grow. 

Go on a retreat. Wellness retreats of all kinds are rising in popularity. Travel to a beautiful destination and immerse yourself in mindful activities such as Pilates, yoga, and meditation, using the remainder of your time to unwind in peace however you like. The combination of a serene setting and a focus on your well-being are the perfect equation for a happier, healthier heart when you return home.

Keep moving. With Spring comes warmer weather and longer days, so take full advantage and get outside (or at least out of the house). A simple walk will boost your metabolism and get your blood moving, making your lungs work and clearing your mind. Fresh air works wonders for your cluttered mind. And of course, keep up with your Pilates sessions, which will only boost your well-being and enhance your mind-body-spirit connection. 

Change up your diet. And no, I don’t necessarily mean a fad diet. Evaluate your typical diet for a moment: are there certain things you’ve been consuming that have adverse effects on you? Is there something in particular you’re been meaning to eliminate for awhile? Now is the time to give it a go. Whether it’s sugar, alcohol, processed foods, soda, or any variety of items that you feel are bogging you down, experiment with limiting or cutting them out. You may be surprised at your body’s response!

Examine the relationships in your life. If there is a certain group or individual you dread or dislike being around, consider reevaluating your time with them. Spend your time with people who empower you, help you grow, and see the wonder and joy in life. Uplifting one another and spreading a healthy view on life makes all the difference in your spirit.

Try something new. Whether it’s a new class, hobby, craft, or other activity you’ve been interested in, take the time to try it out. Doing something new is always an exciting challenge for our minds. Plus, you never know where it will lead you…

Make time for simple pleasures. Bask in the sun, enjoy a nice glass of wine, listen to the birds, turn off your phone, take a bath, sleep in, go to bed early, meditate, do a fancy face mask…the options are endless. Embrace any small activity that brings peace and a little break in your life. This varies for everyone, so find what works for you and make the time to indulge in it. A peaceful mind makes for a much more pleasant outlook on life, even when it can get difficult or stressful.

Enjoy the beauty of Spring and take advantage of the season of renewal. Take time for yourself. Spring cleaning applies to our souls as much as it does to our homes. Find what you most need this season for your well-being, and do it!

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