This is the first time in a long time that the entire world seems to be focused on just one thing: the Novel Corona Virus/COVID-19. Everyone is fixated on it, and for different reasons. There are small business owners who are concerned with losing their businesses; there are people worried about the economy crashing; others are worried about their personal health and the health of their loved ones.


One thing I have learned over the years is that whatever concerns you is real. It’s real to you, and therefore it is a concern. I’m not saying that COVID-19 isn’t to be feared. As someone who is fighting the original big “C,” I view the Corona Virus as something serious, but I will not let it define my being, just like I don’t let cancer define me.


I have discovered over the years that staying true to myself is what makes me happiest and healthiest. There are some things you can’t change, and there are others that you can — so why not focus on what you can change? Unfortunately right now we can’t change our current circumstances, but we can change our relationship to it.


Though we are homebound for the foreseeable future (which is not ideal), we can certainly take advantage of it. I see a lot of people doing some small home renovations. My husband painted our basement and I’ve organized our kitchen. People are gardening and learning to work from home. People are baking goodies. Seamstresses are sewing masks for healthcare workers and selling to the public to help supplement income. We are all adjusting and staying busy. The hardest change for me is to be sedentary most of the day. While I love teaching Pilates virtually, I’ve noticed my hamstrings shortening and my energy levels dropping from sitting at a desk all day.


So, what’s a person to do? I’ve taken advantage of being home every day by bumping up my exercise routine. I can carefully watch everything I eat and make sure it’s healthy (I may be eating a bit more than usual, but it’s all good, nourishing food). My two dogs are older and their health is failing, so I see this time as a blessing to be able to spend my days with them. My son is graduating from college and commencement ceremonies have been canceled. However, he is home with us and we’ve had the pleasure to spend time together that we normally wouldn’t have had.  While it’s hard not to see my extended family and friends in person, we try and check in with each other often. Every week I call or text a few friends to say hi and let them know I’m thinking of them.


As with everything that is thrown at us in life, we handle it, we accept it, and we adjust to it. It makes my heart swell when I see how everyone is helpful and volunteering their own time and efforts to help others. I’m sure by now you have all heard the analogy that we are not all in the same boat, but we are in the same storm. Some people will thrive. Others will lose businesses and income. It’s times like these that we look to God or our higher power to guide us. We will get through this! Nothing will be the same, but we will all have learned something about ourselves and others. Let’s make that “something” a good thing. Blessings to all!


Photo by Barth Bailey on Unsplash