Carla’s Journey

September 8, 2016

August 24th.
That was the date.

The date I had been preparing for. After completing eighteen weeks of breast cancer treatment I had a four week break before my double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery. I was a little nervous. I was a little anxious. Mostly though, I was looking forward to it. Looking forward to the end of all my treatment. It was the beginning of the end. I knew in three months this process would be over. Three months after this surgery I will have my final reconstructive surgery and this would all be behind me. While I am excited to close this chapter and move on, I wouldn’t trade the experiences I’ve had, what’s transpired during treatment or the relationships deepened and new ones formed over the last nine months since I received my diagnosis.
Nine months.
The amount of time it takes to form a life.

This was a time of learning, of opening, of exposure, of uncertainty, of trust, and most of all, healing.

During the past nine months I learned that I have the best life support team I could ask for. I have a great medical team, a supportive family, an awesome group of friends. They all came together to help me heal. I received financial support, spiritual support, love and good vibrations from our generous Studio BE community, friends and family and from people in places all over the world. The healing process was all- inclusive. I don’t believe any one piece could have succeeded without all of the other pieces. All of the energy from this union converged to form my healing light.

August 24th.
The day came.

In addition to my husband, three dear friends were at the hospital to wish me well as I went into surgery. They patiently waited while my capable team of surgeons performed their magical skills deconstructing then reconstructing my breasts.

While in recovery two more friends arrived and relieved two others. One brought me nourishment in the form of green juice which I drank immediately upon awakening.

Nourishment. It comes in many different forms.

Soon thereafter I was released to my large, quiet, private hospital room. It was just the environment that I needed. My husband and friends surrounded me with love and support. While I tried to stay awake to participate in their conversation I found myself drifting in and out, feeling comforted by their presence. I was happy I was there with them and they with me. Feeling Nourished. Feeling Loved. Feeling Comforted. Feeling Supported.

Feeling Healed. Body, mind and spirit.