Peak Pilates® Comprehensive Certification

The Peak Pilates® instructor training program equips you to teach the classical forms of Pilates mat work and the full range of exercises on the Pilates apparatus, in addition to teaching you how to modify exercises for special populations.

The Peak Pilates® Comprehensive Certification, a classical Pilates educational program, is taught by studio owner Carla Vercoe, a Peak Pilates® Master Instructor. The affordable, easy to access three-level module format allows you to assess and progress at the pace that’s right for you. Each module is typically scheduled on a weekend and runs Friday evening through Sunday.  Scheduled dates for each module are below.

To attain your Peak Pilates® Comprehensive certification, you must complete all program levels and logged hours, and receive passing scores on all assessments.

In addition to providing comprehensive training, we also offer apprentice and observation hours.

For additional details or to register, visit Peak Pilates® Instructor Education.


Studio BE Training Dates

Take your Pilates instruction to the next level. Workshop presented by  Carla Vercoe.


Comprehensive Instructor Training

Level 3 / Module 1 – 2/21/2020
Level 3 / Module 2 –  3/20/2020
Level 3 / Module 3 – 4/18/2020

Level 3 / Module 1 – 5/2/2020
Level 3 / Module 2 – 6/27/2020
Level 3 / Moule 3 – 8/1/2020

Level 2 / Module 1 – 6/6/2020
Level 2 / Module 2 – 7/27/2020

To register, search 22030 in the link below:

Peak Pilates® Education at Studio BE Pilates