Carla's Story & Philosophy

My journey after a breast cancer diagnosis in 2015 started like all people given a cancer diagnosis: fear, disbelief, devastation. I lived a healthy lifestyle. I had been vegan for many years. I ate all organic. I drank green juice. I was physically active. I did it all right. Or so I thought. After doing much research I decided on alternative treatments. Conventional doctors continued to try and influence me with fear and when I chose my course of treatment they refused to see me as a patient. It was a rude awakening to what is happening in the world today. I came to realize that I was the only one that was actually looking out for me. People called me a pioneer. People called me brave. I didn’t feel brave. I felt fear, but continued on my path anyway. 

My journey took me to integrative doctors, healers, naturopaths, holistic practitioners. I realized I was going to have to build my own health care team, and I did. I had (and still do) a great team. When it comes to health and wellness there is no one stop shop. 

The greatest gift from this experience was the love and support I received from my family and friends. This was my strength. The universe was taking care of me. I realized that what I was missing from my so-called healthy lifestyle was the spiritual aspect of it. My cancer journey taught me gratitude. It taught me love. It taught me compassion. After coming out clean on the other side I realized I have to share what I know with others. I was asked by doctors, friends and other professionals reached out to me and asked me if I would speak to their patients, clients, acquaintances about different aspects of my treatment. Inspired by helping others, I decided to get my degree from the renowned Institute for Integrative Nutrition so I could add holistic health coaching to my practice. 

Mind, Body and Soul. There must be a balance and all three areas must be addressed. My health coaching practice will exemplify the principals of a Pilates lifestyle. Exercise, nutrition and well-being are paramount in my practice. All programs are individualized, whether it be health coaching, Pilates or essential oils. 

The Program

It has been proven that it takes 6 months to change an old behavior and adjust to a new one. This program has been created to work with you to find your path to a healthier happier self. The program includes  2 monthly health coaching sessions (via phone or in person) and support in between. During this time you will shift from your current lifestyle and experience a transformation to a new you.

We will continually review your relationships to food, family, work and fitness and work together to find a program that fits in with your schedule and lifestyle. I am currently working with clients at a reduced rate while I complete my certification.

This is a six month program that I am committed to working with you to attain your goals.

$125 per month

$675 if paid in full

Additional Services

(Can be offered virtually or in person)


Grocery Shopping Makeover:

I will accompany you to  your grocery store while and help you with your shopping. We can go through the produce section and interior aisles and I will help you make informative choices. 


Kitchen Makeover:

I will come to your home and revamp your refrigerator and pantry. I will educate you on proper foods to keep in  your pantry and/or refrigerator, how to store them and what to toss. 


 $99 per hour