Studio BE Pilates Reopening Plan

We have a phased approach to reopening, and will be starting out slowly with a reduced schedule.

The federal government’s reopening guidelines allow for gatherings of 10 or less people, and still recommend social distancing guidelines. We have arranged the studio according to these guidelines. We will only be taking appointments for privates and semi-privates (and only if those attendees live in the same household).

To reserve your sessions, please contact our instructors directly see available instructors here You can also reach out to our studio email. We will do our best to accommodate your requests, but know that appointment times have changed and all of the instructor schedules have changed.

As mentioned before, your health and safety is our #1 priority. Based on guidelines and concern for your safety, combined with our belief that it’s just too early for us to hold classes in the studio, we will only open for private sessions. We will continue with our virtual online program as well.
We appreciate your patience as we work through the reopening phases!

When Phase 2 is announced, our plan is to allow for more semi-private sessions if allowed.When Phase 3 is announced, our plan is to introduce small group classes if allowed.


Extra Safety Measures


Now that our plan is laid out, we want to make sure you know about all of the additional health and safety precautions we’re taking at Studio BE Pilates!

Equipment will be thoroughly disinfected at the start of the day and throughout the day after each use. We’ve allowed for more time between sessions so we are able to clean equipment and our facility more effectively. This includes the regular cleaning of doorknobs, handrails, front desk area, and any other surfaces or objects (ex. pens) that are touched throughout the day. Our facility will also have a deep clean on a daily basis.

We’ve updated our workout programming so you will be able to workout in your own dedicated space, and will not have to share equipment during your workout. All equipment is six feet apart.

We will keep the studio well ventilated by adjusting the air conditioning as needed. Please do not ask to change the temperature.  Ceiling fans WILL NOT be allowed to be turned on according to recommendations of the CDC

These items will be readily available for your use throughout the studio.

Our teachers will be wearing masks while teaching in the studio for as long as it’s necessary. If you’d like to wear one, please do! Luckily the governor of Virginia has not deemed masks mandatory while exercising, so the choice is yours!

Our staff will be washing their hands when they arrive and leave for at LEAST 20 seconds, and also throughout the day after each session. We will also take our temperature at the beginning of each shift and if deemed necessary, we may ask to take yours.


We are in this together, and we need YOUR help as we reopen to keep our studio as safe as possible.
  1. No Shoes Worn In the Studio: Leave your shoes at the door!

  2. Hand Washing: Please wash your hands (up to your elbows) for at LEAST 20 seconds BEFORE and AFTER your workout.

  3. Keeping Equipment Clean: Please wipe down every piece of equipment each use (with our provided disinfectant wipes). The teachers will do deep cleanings.

  4. Please Stay Home If You’re Not Well: If you’re not feeling 100%, please stay home and rest or participate in our virtual sessions until you are feeling better. (Our team will also be following this policy!)

  5. No Lobby Area for the time being: Because of social distancing guidelines, we will not allow anybody to wait in the studio for their session to start. Please text your teacher when you are in the parking lot and we will text you when you can come up.

  6. Do Not Bring Children: Again…we will not have a lobby area for anyone to sit and wait for you. Only YOU are allowed in the studio for your allotted time.

  7. New Studio Procedures:

  • All scheduling shall be done online or directly with your instructor. Please DO NOT CALL the studio to book, change or cancel any appointments!

  • Before attending any sessions in the studio you MUST SIGN a COVID-19 waiver. We will email you a copy for your review before your lesson.

  • All payments must be taken care of before your session and will be charged from your package or credit card on account.

  • We will not lend out towels. If you would like a towel to use during your session, please bring one from home.

  • As always, socks are required. If you forget them, we have them for sale at the studio. We will not be lending any socks.

  • There are no cubbies for your items. Please bring minimal items into the studio with you (keys only if possible). You will be given your own bin to put your belongings in and they will stay in their allotted place until you are ready to leave. We will thoroughly clean the bins after each use.

  • No personal belongings are allowed near the equipment except for a water bottle, if needed.

  • Anything left in the studio will be thrown away at the end of the day, so don’t forget your water bottles.

Phew! That was a lot to cover! Please know the above may change slightly if government recommendations change. Thank you so much for your patience as we navigate through the reopening.

We cannot WAIT to see you again back in the studio!  As always, we’re here for you. If you have any questions or need anything, reach out any time.



What Our Clients Say

I love Pilates and I love Studio BE. It’s the only Pilates home I have known.

I’ve not been athletic since my teens and have never followed an exercise program for any length of time … but Pilates offers me the social support and personalized supervision I need. After I had cervical surgery last year (3 discs removed and bones fused) I was confident that my instructors would know how to build my strength up again safely. And soon I was back to a normal (for me) workout.

I love the friendliness of Studio B staff and clients; I love the tailored, personalized workout; I love the personal supervision by instructors who know bodies and know me; and — yes — I love the variety of equipment in the studio that keeps workouts from being boring.

When the pandemic hit and the studio closed, I knew I wanted to continue to exercise — and I knew I wouldn’t do it by myself. So trying a Zoom class seemed a good option.

It was fun!

I am amazed at how well the virtual classes work. I do one class and one private a week. My creative instructors have been able to vary the routines and use different “props” to keep things interesting. I bought a foam roller and borrowed a theraband and hand weights — and this week I used my granddaughter’s big “Frozen” ball when I didn’t have a magic circle. We use my piano bench for some exercises — but the best prop is a large, sturdy Ikea footstool that we use for short box!

The virtual class doesn’t require a lot of space, and I place my computer on the floor a few feet away for a clear view. The instructor can see me, and I can see her as she demonstrates different moves.

If anyone had told me early in the year that I’d be happily taking mat classes in July, I’d have thought they were nuts! I do miss the Reformer, and look forward to returning to the studio, but for now, this is a perfect setup.

~ Laurie R.