Crow for Dinner Humble Pie for Dessert

September 26, 2017

Being a vegan I would never eat crow. Being health conscious I would never eat pie. But I am always willing to take responsibility for my actions.

On September 16, 2017 I published a blog, which has since been taken down, regarding actions which I incorrectly assumed were attributed to Club Pilates placing a sign in the window of Epiphany Pilates in Fairfax. I would like to state that I quickly jumped to conclusions without knowing the facts. We have since been informed by Epiphany Pilates’ landlord that their installer had placed the sign in her window in error. I apologize to Club Pilates and it’s franchise owner(s) for assuming that they had placed the sign there. I reported the incident before knowing the facts and am happy to learn that this was an error. My intent was not to cause a negative impact on the Club Pilates brand so I am publishing this apology. As a long time member of the Northern Virginia Pilates community I am proud that studios in the DC metropolitan area have always coexisted in a friendly and supportive manner. I hope that my actions will not change that and that we can all welcome Club Pilates as our neighbors.


  • Jason Fenske says:

    Thank you for your honesty and integrity. As a Club Pilates franchise owner, I came to the business because of a love of Pilates and a desire to own a small business. I just happen to be supported in this endeavor by a franchising organization. I work in my community to bring Pilates to anyone and everyone. Much love and gratitude.