I am a creature of habit. I have extreme loyalty. I’ve had the same hairdresser for 13 years, the same cellphone company since my first phone, the same dentist, the same people have cleaned my house for just as long.  When I find something that jives I keep it. No need to change. Robin is “MY” trainer. My Pilates girl. I take her Barre classes. She knows me best. I know what she wants me to do. I know that I am in good hands. I don’t switch things up. I don’t have to. I am happy. She knows stuff about me. My quirkiness, my weaknesses, how to get me through “the hundred”  and my love hate relationship with ab work. 

It threw me off a little when she said “I’m going on vacation and I’ve scheduled your sessions with Alia and Molly will be teaching your usual barre class.” I almost didn’t go. It felt a little like having a substitute teacher in high school. Like maybe I should just skip class because we wouldn’t be learning anything that day anyway. You know what I mean?
I’m okay with admitting when I wrongly perceive a situation. I admit it here.
I was wrong. I went to my sessions with Alia and the barre classes with Molly and I came home feeling challenged in a new way. With the reformer work, I had to really focus on Alia’s voice and her cues to make sure I was doing the right thing. I am comfortable with Robin’s routine and she knows when I am fully present or when to pull me back in. With a different voice, It was a new level of mind body connection. My body was challenged in a way that felt really good. The same thing happened in Barre class with Molly. My attention could not waver. I had to focus. Her moves were different, her reps lasted longer. Again another refreshing challenge.
I am still Robin’s biggest fan. I appreciate the relationship we have and the work I’ve accomplished with her. But I am not going to slack off when she’s gone. Change is refreshing. New challenge is rewarding. I have to admit I was sore after both experiences. They worked me out, just like Robin would. No slacking off on their part either. They aren’t just the “subs.”  They are excellent options and worth working into a regular rotation to keep it fresh, challenging and connected.