DetoxYourLife“I hate my hair,” Heather said. “But I just can’t seem to find the time to get it cut.”
“And do you know what else is driving me nuts?” she asked. “The piles and piles of papers all over my desk; I can’t find anything when I need it!”
Heather is describing what we, as life coaches, call “tolerations.” Tolerations, those everyday stressors that suck the life out of us, clutter our minds and steal our energy. When everyday annoyances become the focus of our days and minds, there’s little energy left to focus on those things that bring us joy!
Are you ready to detox your life by eliminating those things that weigh you down? Here are three areas of life where tolerations sometimes hide:
Your Health
Do you sometimes ignore your health?  Last week, I called my doctor’s office for a refill on a prescription, and they refused to give it to me! Why? Because I haven’t had a physical in three years. And those doctor’s orders for blood work that have been sitting on my desk for six months? Now, I can’t even find them.
After talking with several friends, I learned that I’m not alone. Do you know how many people ignore their health and neglect self-care? Apparently, lots.
So get on the ball and make that doctor’s appointment, fill that prescription, and get the 30 recommended minutes of daily exercise that doctors recommend.
You can thank me later.
Your Home and Office

Seriously, areas in my home and office look like a bomb went off. My husband is working on remodeling the bathroom and everything from masking tape to a bathroom sink litters the upstairs loft and hallway. And don’t even get me started about my office desk or the piles of books on the floor.
So, what do you do when it all seems so overwhelming? Do what I did. Set a timer for 30-60 minutes and just dive in. Start by tackling what bothers you most, and you’ll be feeling better in no time.
In just a few days, I cleared off my desk and found new homes for my books. And the best part about it? It wasn’t as hard as I thought. I even found myself wondering why I hadn’t done it sooner.
Your Relationships
Toxic people are those who drain you and keep you from living a meaningful and satisfying life. They are the complainers, the crybabies, and ones who always need coddling. They are the ones who blame everyone else but themselves for their problems, who avoid intimacy by talking behind your back, and who criticize you constantly.
If you have one or more of these relationships in your life, get rid of them. But not before giving them a chance to change.
Here’s how to have that difficult conversation:

Because our relationship is important to me, I need to tell you the truth. When you criticize me, I feel angry and hurt. Will you stop doing that in order for us to continue our friendship? How can I do support you as you fix the problem?

Often toxic people have deep hurts and wounds they have not yet addressed. By addressing the issue directly, you could be giving them a wonderful gift and keep them from wounding others.
Tolerations are pesky little things—hiding in the corners and crevices of our lives. But by addressing your tolerations and taking steps to eliminate them from your life, you’ll be a happier, healthier person.
What you tolerating in life that you need to address? Get started today!