By Sabrina McGrath
I recently took an Osteoporosis workshop with Zoey Trap, Peak Pilates Master Instructor. I learned that many Doctors tell their patients who have been diagnosed with Osteoporosis to go do Pilates and Yoga. We love to share Pilates with new clients but many doctors neglect one important piece of information.
I was amazed to hear that doctors neglect to tell their patients to avoid flexion of the spine. This is so scary because in the fitness world the word Pilates is used loosely. Some of their patients are taking classes called Pilates but these classes may not be classical Pilates in the tradition of what Joseph Pilates taught. Any patient should ask the instructor if they are  classically certified or are they certified from an online course.
Please, if you have Osteoporosis do some research. Make sure the place you are doing Pilates at is really teaching classical Pilates. Make sure your instructor is classical trained-  Peak Pilates is classic Pilates. This is important because in classical Pilates we are taught no flexion of the spine if a client has Osteoporosis.
Research has shown that bone density can improve with extension only exercises. The Sinaki and Mikkelsen study in 1984, took 4 groups: group 1 did extension only, group 2 did flexion only, group 3 did extension and flexion, and group 4 no exercise. Group 1 showed the best results for increasing bone density.
It is scary enough being diagnosed with Osteoporosis, let’s not let the Pilates be scary too.