I Want To Be Strong

Featured Client: Michele Borens

Michele is a physically fit woman who almost exclusively stayed in shape by running and other cardio activities. She started experiencing regular aches and pains and realized she needed to do more than running to strengthen her body.

Through Pilates, Michele gained more awareness about how her body works. She learned her back hurt because her core wasn’t strong enough. As a result of Pilates training, Michele not only gained core strength, she also has become more mindful when running so she’s no longer straining her back and legs.

Michele chose Studio BE because of the personalized experience and overall attentive, welcoming atmosphere. She’s found the instructors to be highly qualified and appreciates that each one offers a different approach, thereby helping Michele train in new ways. Michele feels like the trainers have gotten to know her well enough to provide feedback, push her when needed, and help her reach her fitness goals.

Michele also enjoys the community experience at Studio BE. Beyond Pilates classes, wellness retreats, guest speakers, and workshops are regularly offered. An overall sense of community, newfound strength and body awareness are all of the benefits Michele has gained by being an active member of Studio BE Pilates for the past seven years.