I Want To Be Pain-Free

Featured Client: Tina Falkenbury

Tina has a history of autoimmune illnesses resulting in spinal deterioration, immobility and chronic pain. She embarked upon a whole body wellness program to improve her life and found that in addition to eating healthier, Pilates was a core ingredient in overhauling her health.

“It seems counterintuitive to some that when you’re in pain, movement and exercise helps, but increasing my mobility, flexibility and strength was key to managing my aches and pains”, states Tina. When asked to bend over and touch her toes at the doctor before Pilates, Tina was 8-10 inches away from the floor. After just two years, Tina is able to reach to 2-3 inches near the floor.

Studio BE was recommended to Tina by a friend. She signed up on a trial basis and soon found the experience mentally and physically rewarding. She loved the overall warm and inviting boutique atmosphere at Studio BE and found the instructors to be highly knowledgeable and skilled in authentic Pilates training.

Tina also appreciates being able to choose classes that are best for her. She started with group classes and now almost exclusively does private 1-1 sessions. In private sessions, Tina enjoys being able to move at her own pace with instructors who customize their training to optimize Tina’s wellness and performance.