My name is Cathy Onufrychuk. I have been active most of my life. Growing up I took ballet and jazz classes. I also took riding lessons. Different forms of exercise have always been part of my life. Twenty-six years ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. The first year was a difficult one for me. I wanted to stay active but was afraid to do to any form of exercise . I was scared it would make my MS symptoms worse. My doctor explained to me how important it was to stay as strong as possible so exercise was imperative.
I began by weight training. I did just that the 1st few years. Then a friend suggested Pilates. I knew nothing about it. I did some research and found Studio BE Pilates. I nervously called not knowing what to expect. What I got was Carla encouraging me to come in and try it. I did and was pleasantly surprised at how the lesson was structured around what I could do. I remember feeling surprised and excited that this might help me.
Through the years I have had the expertise of different instructors during private sessions. Each instructor has had their own unique style. I appreciate that the sessions are choreographed for my particular needs. I am now working with Julia. She works with me weekly to help me improve my strength, posture and balance. I am very grateful for her knowledge, patience and humor as we work together.
Unfortunately, I have a progressive form of MS but due to what I get through Pilates along with weight training and therapeutic horse back riding I am staying as strong as possible. For that I am incredibly grateful
Through the years at the studio I have meet wonderful people and felt a sense of community. I feel very lucky to have found Studio BE Pilates.