By Sherri Reed
The diversity of clients never ceases to amaze me. I have worked with men, and women, young and old. Through each client experience I have faced new challenges: researching the unusual health issues, modifying exercises to enable all clients to enjoy and benefit from Pilates. I have been inspired by those clients who simply want to keep their mobility and those who are rehabbing their bodies from injury or disease. However, I want to highlight two of my oldest clients. These two are proof that aging today can be on your own terms.
img_1592Richard’s Pilates interest began at Duke University. He and his wife were there taking classes and were introduced to Pilates on the reformer. Upon return to Northern Virginia, they sought out a Pilates Studio to continue their practice. As luck would have it, I was available at the time and day that they wanted to continue. Seven years later Richard and I have two regular sessions a week. Richard is committed to excelling at each new skill I teach him and perfecting those he already knows. According to Richard, he “is convinced that maintaining a healthy weight and good muscle tone is critical to longevity and that the improvements in flexibility and balance that [he] gets from his seven years of Pilates helps [him] fight off some of the inconveniences of aging, especially osteoarthritis.” Richard’s discipline and dedication is a constant reminder to me on how I want to age. It is amazing to me that he will be 73 on his next birthday.
img_1567A book is what brought Elizabeth to Pilates. As an avid reader, Elizabeth enjoys browsing book store shelves for possible new interests. In 2005, Elizabeth came across a book on Pilates. After being intrigued by the book and the coffee baristas personal antidote, Elizabeth decided she would try Pilates. Elizabeth is a founding member of the Studio BE community as she as attended classes since the Studio opening. Early on in her practice, Elizabeth was diagnosed with osteoporosis. Although, this can be a frightening diagnose, this did not deter Elizabeth. She increased her attendance and added equipment classes in addition to her mat practice. Today, Elizabeth has reversed her osteoporosis. I marvel at her perseverance and commitment to her health, flexibility and overall wellbeing. Elizabeth is a flexible and strong 71 year old.