People often ask Pilates Instructors what we do to stay healthy and committed to the Pilates lifestyle of WHOLE BODY HEALTH and the truth is, it is a journey for each and every one of us. Sometimes our family, life, work or kids sports schedules interfere with our own workout schedule and we find ourselves struggling to make time to LIVE what we TEACH.
For me, making a commitment to myself is essential to stay on track and feeling my best.  I calendar time to exercise and honor that appointment. With vacation schedules tempting us off our regular path, take time to GET THE MAT EXERCISES IN YOUR BODY so that you can take them on the road with you when traveling.  At Studio Be, we have lots of mat classes. Join us anytime!dpl_9971-l
In the Pilates Method, Whole Body Health encourages you to ENJOY LIFE but also BE FIT. Doing the exercises and mastering them will take lots of practice, but it is worth it. Regular Pilates practice and BREATH give you more oxygen in your lungs, LENGTH and STRENGTH  ensure your muscles are toned and CONTROL makes your mind sharper…all because of your Pilates practice.  Thanks JOE!
Do More Pilates!  You will FEEL GOOD!  
See you at the Studio,