One of the important Pilates Principles that should drive every session, Concentration is essential to find that mind-body connection benefit of your Pilates practice. The world we live in can make it very difficult to embody that sense of deep concentration and focus, with the constant distractions all day long. Through mindful movement such as Pilates, you can cultivate a strong concentration that will be useful to you not only in your sessions, but in everyday life.
How many times have you found your mind wandering during one of your sessions? Whether you’re thinking about work, family, your schedule, or even what you’ll eat for dinner, it’s easy to let outside chatter intrude on our workouts. We are all culprits, but we can learn to control our minds the more practice. And only once we have control over our minds can we truly gain control over our bodies, achieving the ultimate mind-body connection.
Honing in on your Concentration skills will lead to better sessions. For one, you will be fully present with ourself and your Instructor; you will be able to really listen to what your Instructor is saying and apply it in your body. You will progress much faster as your body learns these corrections and your mind stores them away for future practice. You will stay safe because you will be aware of what is happening in your body, rather than absentmindedly going through the movement—and potentially hurting yourself because you weren’t focused. Most of all, you will enjoy your sessions more because you will come away from them feeling refreshed and strong, especially when you conquer something you’ve been working on during your sessions.
When you step inside the studio, try to clear your mind and block out the distractions in your world. Take that hour to focus on you. Hone your concentration skills. Tap into your mind-body connection and try not to let the mind wander. Feel the movement and the breath. Listen to the Instructor’s cues and the sounds of the equipment. Be fully present and maintain that amazing Concentration that will lead you to so much inside the studio, and out.