A Reason to Just BE

February 16, 2019

Four years ago I planned my first retreat to Casa Om in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. The planning process began summer of 2015. It was meant to be a fun getaway to Mexico where we could get sun, exercise and relax. Winter 2015 I received a breast cancer diagnosis. It knocked my socks off. I still remember the fear and depression. I did not let it stop me though. Today, in reviewing my calendar for the months after my diagnosis I see that I kept my same routine. Got my hair done. Got my nails done. Had lunch with friends. There were just additions to my daily routine. A flight to Florida every Monday for IPT (Insulin Potentiation Therapy/Low dose chemo), HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber) twice per week, Vitamin C IV once per week. And every day, a reminder to take my meds and supplements. Does this seem overwhelming? Well it was. At first. Then it was routine. I continued working. I continued running my business with the help of a wonderful support team at my studio. I took a week’s break from treatment to go on retreat to Casa Om. Life went on.

The retreat took on new meaning. It wasn’t just a fun vacation. It was an opportunity to connect. It was an opportunity to heal. It was an opportunity to look within and to Just BE. That first year at Casa Om was amazing. Lerika, Jorge, and Yayo, the managers and chef were so helpful, kind and loving. They helped me with a special diet. They organized the most amazing massage therapists and Mayan healers to come and give us classes and treatments. The entire group of women bonded as a loving unit. New friends were made. We did things that took us out of our comfort zone. We did Pilates. We did yoga. We meditated. We danced. We shared our stories. We knew we were in a safe place of love and respect. That’s when I knew what a special place it was. I place I need to share year after year. A place where we all can Just BE.


  • Curt Midkiff says:


    Your writing is very beautiful. So inspiring how you confronted adversity and turned it positive with the help of friends. I find you a very sweet soul that cares for others. I also respect the path you have created to take care of yourself.

    I would love to be part of a retreat someday. I have too much responsibility taking care of others to go away. Even when I travel playing music, the phones and computers are lit up. Someday, Your friend, you haven’t met yet. Curt

    PS, I have not forgotten to set up time to discuss Pliates with you. Soon, this spring for sure if you have time.