Pilates MAT is where it’s AT!
Return to Life with Pilates MAT at Studio BE.
Why is Pilates mat “ALL THAT”?
A Pilates Mat practice helps you learn to move more efficiently. Every step you take has a PURPOSE and QUALITY. Pilates Mat helps you build your best body so that you can RETURN TO LIFE. You feel better on the inside, you look better on the outside. You have more confidence. Joseph Pilates designed the Pilates MAT exercises to be a daily regimen that when practiced to perfection, conditioned the body to promote better health of the mind, body and spirit.
LESS really is MORE! Pilates exercises are meant to be performed with minimal repetitions but also with absolute precision. Who can do Pilates mat? ANYBODY…..I MEAN “ANY” “BODY”
Strong fundamentals are essential to proper form and at Studio Be all of our classes are constructed to ensure your growth and increased accuracy in performance. We want to help you make sure that you are moving with quality and intention.
Because Pilates MAT exercises are intended to be done every day… your body benefits from the sequence of carefully planned exercises that build your strength and efficiency of movement. The exercises prepare your body to RETURN TO LIFE. Do more of what you want when you do PILATES! You will move with more ease, feel lighter and ENJOY LIFE MORE!
ADD a MAT class to your weekly routine. If you aren’t doing mat then you should be!
With love and in health,
Kristen at Studio BE