By Julia Hughes


For years I have encouraged my teenagers to do Pilates, as it is a perfect complement to their swimming, running, dancing, and otherwise stressful school lives. With their busy schedules, carving out the time to make it into the studio for sessions has not always been feasible.  Working one-on-one with their mom is not necessarily their first choice, although they both enjoy duets and classes. I absolutely understand!  


One of the best additions to my schedule during the past few months has been my “Pilates for Teens” class. As so many activities ground to a halt in March, my teenagers needed an outlet to work their bodies and think about something other than what might or might not happen in coming weeks and months. Talking with clients and friends, many had teens in the same situation. A 30-minute teen class seemed the perfect solution.  


We started with the basics: fundamentals, set-up, and terminology (so we could speak the same language). As we quickly approach week 20 of this class, and the end of session two, Pilates has truly made a difference for these teens! I see it each week when we meet for class and I choose which exercise to advance or which to add to the repertoire. What’s more, parents have told me how their teens feel stronger, more confident, and have improved their posture.   


One teen even took our class while at the beach, not wanting to miss a week; several others have adjusted their work schedules around the class. One mom and her teen now share a weekly duet in the studio. Another is considering certification, so that she can teach while away at college. Across the board, goals have been met and improvements have been made by all the teens in the class!


With fall quickly approaching and school and extracurricular activities still uncertain for many, I am setting my eyes on session three. Class size is limited to six to ensure personal attention. Where teens are located is not an issue, as this class is taught via Zoom. If you have a teen who might be interested, please email Studio BE [email protected] or me [email protected] for more information or to register.

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