Should I invest in private Pilates lessons or will a group mat class or equipment class serve me just as well? Although this is a seemingly simple question is one that I’ve agonized over repeatedly for the simple reason that private lessons are expensive.
Can I afford private Pilates lessons?
Ultimately, the bigger question became, could I afford NOT to take them? What is the cost of not investing in my health and wellness? What are the implications for my life now and in the future?
After weighing my options, I decided that private Pilates lessons were an investment that would pay dividends far into the future, and I signed up for weekly lessons.

Why I Take Private Pilates Lessons

Here’s why:

  1. Private Pilates lessons can be customized to meet my unique needs. As someone who lives with rheumatoid arthritis and related health issues, private lessons help prevent future injuries while allowing me to significantly improve not only my health and wellness but my quality of life as well.
  1. Private Pilates lessons enable me to meet my personal health and fitness goals. As a former dancer, correct form is important to me. Private lessons enable me to focus on my form and target problem areas that I’m eager to reshape. If I want to focus on my arms or improving the flexibility in my back, private lessons enable me to do so.
  1. Private Pilates lessons are convenient. As an independent contractor, my schedule varies from one week to the next. With private lessons, I can schedule lessons at a time that works for me and avoid rush-hour traffic. I do Pilates when it’s convenient for me. Period.
  1. Private Pilates lessons offer access to a wealth of knowledge. It’s true. During the lesson, I pick my instructor’s brain. What exercises can I do at home? What do you recommend for sciatica? How can I accelerate my progress? I can leverage her hours of training and education for specific health concerns, which I can’t do in a group class. That’s priceless.
  1. Private Pilates lessons motivate me in ways that group classes can’t. Working with a certified instructor during a private lesson gives me faster results, which is highly motivating. My instructor not only makes corrections but encourages me when I do something well. Private lessons enable me to go further faster. Who doesn’t find that motivating?

For me, the payoff for private Pilates lessons is huge, both physically and mentally. I’m strong and healthy despite my health challenges, and I’m more active than many healthy women I know. While some women I know are starting to struggle with chronic pain and mobility, I’m taking 5-mile hikes.
That’s why I’ll be taking private Pilates lessons for years to come. How about you?