by Kristen Shaffer
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Are you new to Pilates and wondering whether to take Pilates equipment or mat classes? Have you been taking equipment classes but neglecting mat classes? Regardless of where you are on your Pilates journey, it’s time to consider adding mat classes to your workout.
Mat classes were where Pilates began as a discipline and practice. The exercises were carefully designed to take the body through a series of movements that strengthen the core and build coordination of movement.
These movements, through precise and careful execution, keep your muscles strong, your nervous system alert, and your spine supple and lubricated. This kind of conditioning readies you for life and the pressures and rigors that come with our modern lifestyle.
Not convinced?
Here are three reasons you should consider taking Pilates mat classes:
Pilates Mat Classes Teach You the Fundamentals
Pilates mat classes teach you the fundamentals. Neutral spine, C-curve, the powerhouse, lateral breathing, opening the chest, and spinal articulation are foundational to the proper execution of the exercises on the equipment. Mat classes allow you to focus on the quality of each exercise rather than being distracted by the equipment.
Although mat classes allow you to focus on the fundamentals, they are far from elemental. Whether you are a beginner or advanced student, there is always another layer to add to the practice of Pilates. Work at your level, but also challenge yourself to improve whether that improvements comes through continuous motion, movement or flow, breath, concentration, or the precision of the exercises.
Pilates Mat Classes Offer Principles for Movement and for Life
Mat classes give you a practical understanding of Pilates movements and principles — precision, breath, centering, flow, control, concentration. This principles apply across the board, to all types of exercise and to your daily life. When each movement is infused with this kind of focus, it is more than a physical experience. It spills over into every aspect of your life.
Pilates Mat Classes Enhance Performance on the Equipment
Joseph Pilates designed the exercises to be performed with minimal repetition but also with absolute precision. Mat classes allow you to focus on precision with minimal distractions. When your movements are precise, you realize the full benefits of the exercises and you enhance your performance on the equipment.
Mat work is an essential part of body conditioning and a workout regimen. It helps you move with more precision and gain more benefit in the exercise. Mat exercises work together to create a more conditioned, strong, and efficient body.
Enhance your workout and your life. Sign up for a Pilates mat class today.