By Julia Hughes
Yes, you CAN take it with you…Pilates, that is! One of the things I love most about practicing Pilates is that it is portable. Scrolling through social media, one can come across countless photos of Pilates on the beach, in the snow, atop rocks, in front of monuments, and the list goes on and on… No special equipment or attire is required to practice Pilates on the road. Regardless of where you go, you can almost always find enough space to unroll a mat or a towel and enjoy a session of mat work.
Not sure where to start? Touch base with your instructor. When I know a client will be traveling and miss time at Studio BE, we work together to come up with a plan to keep them active and focused on Pilates. Prior to their trip we spend some time on mat work, reviewing the mat order appropriate to their level. Practicing it helps to solidify the order and create some muscle memory. It also provides an opportunity to offer some building blocks and suggestions for doing the exercises independently.
Afraid you might do something wrong? Don’t be! At a minimum, you can do the Hundred, roll back or roll up, and the Abdominal Series (aka: Series of Five). These are exercises you likely do during most every Pilates session. You may even hear your instructor’s cues in your head as you think about these exercises.
I’d encourage you to touch base with your instructor prior to leaving on your next getaway. At a minimum, ask for homework. If you’re feeling ambitious, ask for a mat session. Pilates is the perfect travel companion, so take it with you on your next trip!